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Swift Wart Treatment


What is Swift?
Clarke Ventresca Foot and Orthotic Centres has a new treatment now available for plantar warts. It’s called The Swift! Now The Swift is a different kind of treatment. Instead of using the typical treatments around warts such as freezing, burning or pouring a chemical over it, this new treatment delivers a quick, sharp dose of energy to the tissue, only one millimetre into the skin, leaving the skin intact. No scarring, no blistering!

How does it work?
The Swift works by activating something called the dendritic cells, they tell the body that the virus is present in the skin which sends a signal to the t-cells to clear the infection! Kind of like an army fighting off an invasion. The reason why we are using this new treatment is because when we have a plantar wart the body doesn’t recognize that it is there, making it difficult for your body to fight it off. This new treatment jump starts your immune system and makes it known that the virus is present, so it can’t hide anymore!

The swift has a 95% success rate and you’ll only need 3-4 treatments! The Swift does hurt when used, but not like you would think from burning, freezing of chemicals. It doesn’t leave any scar tissues, nor does it blister after use. You don’t even need a band-aid after the treatment!

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