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Plantar Wart


What is it?

Plantar warts are caused by the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) which causes a hard growth on the bottom of the feet that can be painful to walk on. Plantar warts are often mistaken for corns, but they are quite different.

Warts may appear at any age, but are more common in children and young adults. If left untreated, warts often spread and become unsightly and painful to walk on.

What can cause it?

The virus that causes Plantar warts is most commonly found in warm, moist environments like pools but can be found in carpets and other hard surfaces. Usually the skin is enough of a barrier to protect you from getting a wart, however some people are just more susceptible to warts. Once the virus invades the skin, you will start to feel a hard lump forming, followed by changes in the skin’s appearance. Warts are contagious and often multiply and spread to the surrounding areas.

What is the treatment?

There are many different  treatments available to treat warts. At Clarke Ventresca Foot & Orthotics Centre we may use several  products that are stronger than over the counter medications. Liquid nitrogen (cryogenic freezing) is also a preferred method for treatment. Needling may be beneficial for patients who have not seen resolution with topical or cryogenic freezing treatments. We are happy to offer the newest treatment for warts, The Swift. The Swift uses microwaves to destroy the virus that causes the wart. Call the clinic today for more information.