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Nail Injury


What is it?

Bruising under the nail is called a subungual haematoma. Discolored, bleeding, or loose toenails resulting from an injury are painful problems, and should be treated immediately.

If you are a diabetic, have poor circulation, a compromised immune system, are taking blood thinners, or have other systemic diseases, see a chiropodist as soon as possible, to prevent possible serious consequences.

What can cause it?

Any type of trauma to the toe or the nail directly can result in bleeding under the nail. Obvious macro-trauma like kicking a piece of furniture will often create bruising. However, bruising can also be a result of micro-trauma, like wearing shoes that are too short or narrow.

What can I do to treat it?

Depending on when the trauma occurred our chiropodists will  ensure the nail and nail bed is healthy. If need the loose nail will trimmed away. If the cause is not obvious they will play detective to determine the reason.