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Morton’s Neuroma



What is it?

Morton’s neuroma is is a painful condition that affects the ball of your foot, most commonly the area between your third and fourth toes. Although it is labeled a neuroma, many say it is not a true tumor, but rather a fibrous tissue formation around nerve tissue. Patients can experience numbness and pain in the affected area, which is often relieved by removing footwear and/or massaging the foot.

What can cause it?

Morton’s neuroma may be the result of irritation, pressure or injury. In some cases its cause is unknown. In the majority of cases only one nerve is affected. Having both feet affected is rare. A high percentage of patients with Morton’s neuroma are women who wear high-heeled or narrow shoes.

How do you alleviate it?

At Clarke Ventresca Foot & Orthotic Centres we will perform a basic examination of the affected foot. We will probably first press on your foot to check for a tender spot and squeeze your foot to feel for a sort of click between the toes. Our chiropodist’s will thoroughly assess your footwear and perform a gait analysis to determine if that is the cause. An ultrasound may be recommended to assist in the diagnosis.

Treatment will often include footwear counselling, simple padding, and orthotics. If none of that works a cortisone injection may be indicated. Surgery is recommend in the most severe cases.